An Apology…Being Like Jesus

About a month ago, I wrote a blog titled, “I Would Be Like Jesus.”  It was written to express my strong position in defense of women in ministry and against those who would demean and defame the calling of women.  In my haste and zeal to do so, I did not think clearly about the best way to do that.  I used the name of a young woman and her personal incident without getting her approval.  I have since learned that this brought her some discomfort and for that I am deeply sorrow.  That was not my intention.  So to Sabine Vatel, a tremendously gifted and talented woman in ministry, one with whom I have great respect, I apologize.  In life school is always in session.  And there is always more for us to learn.  Thank you for being a gracious instructor.  Words are powerful and they should always be used wisely, with discretion and care.

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