The Trump defense team used as an argument to dismiss Donald Trump telling his crowd of supporters at the January 6 gathering, to “‘Fight’ Like Hell;” that the word “fight” has been used by many democratic politicians.  They then began to show a montage of clips with a plethora of Democrat politicians, including President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, using the word “fight,” in various public speeches.  They were suggesting that if Trump was being accused of inciting an insurrection by using the word “fight,” at the January 6 rally, then every democrat politician should be guilty as well and everyone will be subject to similar charges in the future.

The only problem with this logic is that high schools, colleges and universities have been using the word “fight” in songs as a rallying cry to urge their sporting teams to victory since the 1880’s.  It has become so common that these songs of exhortation are now called “Fight Songs.”  Almost every school that has a team involved in competitive sports has a “fight song” associated with their team.  They are so standard that lists have been made ranking the top “50 CollegeFight Songs’” since 1880.  Many other such lists have been compiled around various themes categorizing “fight songs.”  

What does this mean?  It means that the word fight is used by everyone in common as well as competitive settings for a host of purposes and reasons.  Yet no one would suggest that using the word “fight” in a school “fight song” has the ability to incite people to an insurrection of the nations capitol.  Very simply it reveals how utterly ridiculous and juvenile the Trump attorney’s analogy was when they played an endless number of democrat politicians using the word fight and suggesting that they were using the word in the same dangerous and irresponsible way that Donald Trump had done.  Their comical attempt to equate the two was as absurd as suggesting that a school using the word “fight” in their “fight song” is as dangerous as Donald Trump using it when he urged his followers to “fight like hell” on January 6, as they assembled near the US Capitol where the presidential election was being certified by the congress. 

Watching Trump’s attorneys argue in his defense was almost like watching an outtake from the movie “My Cousin Vinnie.”  You wondered if they had ever tried a serious case before in their lives.  If Donald Trump stiffs them without paying his legal fees as he has done in the past, this time we might sympathize with him.

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